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About Us

About Us

Based in Trinidad and Tobago, DYKON Developments Ltd. was founded in 1996 to provide consultancy-type services in a practical and performance-based manner to clients wishing to transform their businesses into value-adding, information-based and creatively rewarding enterprises.

The company partners with clients to create a learning environment where the client’s intellectual capital is nurtured and its value understood. The approach enables clients to focus on their core competencies, relying on DYKON Developments Ltd. to provide the requisite support functions and services that will enable them to achieve measurable success and profitability.

The establishment of DYKON Developments Inc. in Barbados in 2007 is further indication of geographical expansion as the company continues to emphasize its reputation both across the Caribbean region and internationally. The company is continuously embracing the challenges of the global market and we are proud that our response is always innovative and unique to our client’s needs. DYKON looks forward to offering our services by our thorough utilization of our vast consultant and associate network.

Xpert Tabs

With Associates specializing in the Marketing, Research and Trade Promotion and Export Development Capacity of both Manufacturers and Service Providers, DYKON works with the client to provide value-added solutions that increase profitability. Drawing from a wide network of qualified professionals, DYKON also offers Executive Recruitment, Customer Service and Staff Development Training and a comprehensive Human Resources Management services offering, including the development of strategic plans and staff procedure manuals.

As well as the value offerings mentioned above, DYKON's specialized service areas also encompass and are not limited to the following:

  • Marketing and Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Market Research
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Intellectual Capital Management
  • Trade Facilitation and Advice
  • System Definition and Re-engineering to focus on core business function
  • Project Management
  • Event Management
  • Business Transformation Programmes
  • Change Management and Intervention
  • Business Incubation Services

These areas are entitled within defined terms only for reference purposes, since we believe our services match our corporate philosophy to create value-adding organizations and are therefore inexhaustible.

DYKON offers a wide range of business to business services to clients in all sectors, thereby allowing the client to focus on its core business (and outsource the non-core activities), or acquire a resource specialist skill it needs on a temporary or part time basis. These services include:

Human Resource Management and Executive Recruitment

A critical yet often difficult area of management activity because of the fluid nature of the resource itself, DYKON’s offering centers around the high end value management of human resource skills. In this regard we will redefine job descriptions to become position result descriptions which focus on the result rather than the task.

As a consequence we have acquired a database of senior Executives and technical specialists which allow us to offer Executive Recruitment Services. We have been able to fill such positions successfully for clients in various sectors since 2002.

Project Management

Using the fundamental skills by Project Management Profession (PMP) qualified personnel, DYKON can facilitate the successful execution of any type of project from the initial scoping to the eventual close-out. We have already completed successful Project Management assignments in building construction, research and several business projects in the last twelve years.

Under these services we can also provide the services of Project Administration including evaluation, administration and project accounting. We can also offer the facilitation of the Project Office, thereby providing the framework and templates for the project.

Within this context a subset of this service offering includes what is commonly known as Event Management Services.

Business Plans and Strategic Planning

It is often said that if you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there. DYKON will facilitate the development of relevant and practical strategic plans for your business. DYKON will work with you through the process, so that by the time the plan is produced, it is well underway to being accomplished.

This includes facilitating where applicable the conduct of a strategic planning retreat and any required consultations toward the development of the plan.


Many companies do not recognize the effort of the sales and marketing function as they would their production and operations or technical functions. DYKON has successfully offered in the past marketing services where the function has been outsourced. Personnel are then hired to carry out this function acting on behalf of the client and coordinated by a strategic marketing relationship with the client.

Additionally we have been able to successfully develop strategic marketing plans for clients in the services and manufacturing sectors.


Our service providers and alliances are specialists in various areas of Information Communications Technology including the following:

  • ICT Assessments / Audits
  • Networking
  • Database Management
  • Systems Analysis

Through our capability in executing consultancy projects and our strategic alliances with specialist resources we are also able to formulate the appropriate developmental model for your business to be able to provide the information necessary for knowledge based operations and decision making.

Interpreting and Translation

Language offerings in French, Spanish, Italian and German are readily available and with some notice we can source Mandarin and your other requested languages for your interpreting and translation needs.


Our database of Rapporteurs has experience at both public and private sector conferences and workshops and have twenty years experience cumulatively in this service offering.

Based on its access to a wide range of experts and database on resource specialists, DYKON is able to engage projects across a broad spectrum of business and development.

The key elements of our approach to consultancy assignments include:

  • Set the parameters for the conduct of the assignment including time frames, key contacts, questionnaires, and framework for analyzing outcomes.
  • Presentation of findings – an interim report and a preliminary report will be presented to the identified management so there is an allowance for guidance to the project consultants and feedback to the company.
  • Testing the findings, recommendations and comments against contextual framework.
  • Analysis and recommendations of alternative courses of action.
  • Design action-oriented plans and present for discussions.
  • Present final Report.

Whilst unlimited in scope, DYKON has typically engaged in various consultancy Assignments as follows:

  • Business Transformation / Re-engineering
  • Business Development
  • Market Research
  • Development Projects
  • Impact analyses
  • Business Surveys
  • Services Trade related projects

With some of our key experts involved in the Coalition of Service Industries movement, DYKON is strategically placed to facilitate the export promotion of trade in services. Our consultants have participated in regional and international Trade Shows and Missions for both manufacturers and service providers and have an intimate knowledge of the challenges facing the exporter.

We have an excellent balance of both practical and technical capability with consultants and associates having engaged in negotiations for the CSME and the CARIFORUM-EU EPA negotiations. We are also involved in the preparatory stages of the CARICOM-Canada negotiations.

We can offer both public and private sector entities our services in order to prepare them to maximise their potential and export capacity.

Over the past decade, DYKON has facilitated workshops on:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Small Business Lending
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Small Business Management