Indera Sagewan is a renown Economist in Trinidad and Tobago with over 25 years in the field having served as a lecturer in Economics, a policy analyst, member of Parliament, senator, evaluator, and consultant. Notably, Indera is a Specialist Economic Consultant in Competitiveness, Clusters and Value Chains and was the Executive Director of the Caribbean Centre for Competitiveness and the current Executive Director of the Caribbean Competitiveness Foundation.
Indera is a highly qualified economist with a B.A and M Sc. from the University of the West Indies in History and Economics. In 2019, she submitted her thesis on Competitiveness entitled “An investigation into firm export competitiveness in the Caribbean: A resource-based perspective”, as part of her International Relations Program PhD. Indera also holds Diplomas in Private Sector Development, Enterprise Restructuring and Privatization, Petroleum and Gas Management, and Planning and Project Cycle Management amongst other certifications.
She has worked throughout the Caribbean and is an expert in cluster and global value chain analysis of industries for sustainable development, sectoral analysis, privatisation and private sector development, business development, governance and cost benefit analysis.