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A few tips to keep in mind



  • International Trade Centre - Networking is a good way of identifying firms that have exported successfully. Trade fairs, conferences and industry events are excellent venues for networking.
  • International Trade Centre - You are a service exporter if you are paid for your services by a "non resident" customer regardless of where the service is provided.
  • International Trade Centre - One way of bringing alive what your industry has to offer is to use success stories.These stories can be disseminated as part of political speeches, promotional articles, international association newsletters.
  • International Trade Centre - It is more challenging to export services because services are intangible and the service is not actually created until it is delivered, it is critical for service providers to develop profile and credibility in new markets.
  • International Trade Centre - Market research is, more often than not, a key to ascertaining the potential for success of your service in an export market.
  • International Trade Centre - An accurate assessment of whether you are ready to enter the global marketplace in terms of resources and knowledge will save you valuable export development time, effort and resources cialis .
  • International Trade Centre - At the beginning of the 21st century services trade is accounting for approximately 20% of world trade, but by 2020, this figure is expected to rise to 50%.